Virtual tour

Visual artist and museum educator Irene Rapti, is presenting her latest project entitled “Shadow Dancers”, with a focus on dancing through the movement of the human figure. Art historian Elli Leventaki, who curated the exhibition, notes: “in the works of Irene Rapti, the bodies of the figures are the real protagonists, which, whether they referring to figures from ancient Greek vases or to Matisse's "Dance", are always given schematically, almost abstractly, resembling shadows of their real image. This feeling is enhanced by the limited color palette used, with black and white depiction being the common practice. The background remains simple, while the emphasis is given to the figures themselves and their kinesiology, through a few clear lines and strong contrasts.

In contrast to the abstract approach regarding the content, the obvious gesture of the artist indicates an expressionistic mood, which gives an inner intensity to the final outcome. In the works where the presence of color is predominant, an approach to the spiritual world is sought, while where black predominates the canvas, the quest seems to enter into the realm of imagination. An additional dreamy tone is added to the ensemble, by the tactility of the surface of the artworks, which is due to the experimentation with various materials, such as emery, thus creating new distinct textures and patterns. The show that the viewer witnesses, ultimately looks like an illusion or a reflection, with the shadows of the bodies being the only proof of its existence”.


The following virtual tour presents part of my job.

This virtual tour was created by archygram in collaboration with freelancer architect Anastasia Sioutopoulou. You can find the music that accompanies the tour at