About the Artist

Observe the microcosm, the detail, the gestural abstraction…it is an art which constitutes a recitation, a movement, a dance, the history of beauty, life.

  • Δύο φίλοι συζητούν πίνοντας ένα ποτό
  • Ευτυχία στο πρόσωπο μίας γυναίκας
  • Άντρας εργάζεται στον υπολογιστή
  • Η τέχνη της χαρακτικής
  • Γυναίκα της σύγχρονης εποχής
  • Χαράκτης την ώρα της εργασίας

A brief CV

10/2017 – 12/2020
MSc in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Faculty of Education, University of Derby, UK.
Thesis title: “The effect of an art program with the use of an empathy-based model for adolescents with Asperger in a Centre of Creative Learning Activities”.
10/2017 – 06/2019
MSc in Museology – Cultural Management
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Architecture , GR
Grade: Excellent (9.28/10)
Thesis title: “Mental-accessible museum educational programs for visitors who were diagnosed with autism spectrum: an action research”, thesis grade: Excellent (10/10).
09/2012 – 02/2017
Bachelor in Fine Arts
University of Ioannina, Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences
Admitted 4 th Grade: Very Good (7.87/10)
Grade of visual arts dissertation: Excellent (10/10)
09/2020 - Present
Art Teacher in a s pecial needs school for vocational education and training Teaching pottery, painting, knitting and handcrafts . Pr eparing students to find a job and live independently
External Partner – Museum Educator in Silversmithing Museum of Ioannina
Design and implementation of workshops for visitors with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
09/2019 – 02/2020
External Partner – Consultant in Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP)
Alteration of the museum educational program “Approaching the plants and animals differently”, in order to become accessible for children with ASD. Implementation of the program.
08/2018 – Present
Curatorial Assistant – Audience Development in Biennale of Western Balkans, (BoWB)
Assistance to the artists and curators during setup the central exhibitions: “Weaving Europe, Weaving Balkans” and “Common Myths”. Communication with stakeholders, artists, volunteers, technicians involved in the exhibitions and partners. Creation and updating of various production lists. Carrying out the finissage of the exhibition “Common Myths”. Design of educational programs.
04/2019 – 05/2019
Research association with the Children's Museum of Thessaloniki
Track down the most effective tools and techniques to modify the museum educational program "Games become alive", in order to be accessible to children in the spectrum.
Research association with the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Track down the most effective tools and techniques to modify the museum educational program "Meet the animals of the museum", in order to be accessible to children in the spectrum
12/2018 – 06/2019
Art teacher
Public middle school of Metsovo.
10/2018 – 04/2019
Intern in Autism Center "Axtida"
More than 250 hours of observation, supervised interventions, familiarization with qualitative and quantitative research tools, acquisition of mentor’s tacit knowledge.
04/2018 – 09/2018
Intern in Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (MOMus)
Preparation of exhibitions "Alexander Iolas: The Legacy", "Texas Eclectics", "The Americans", " Art and Peace: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition", "Costa Lustas: New York ".
12/2016 – 05/2018
Museum assistant in The Museum of the History of Medicine, University of Ioannina
Museum archives management, preventive conservation, collection enrichment and modifications in the museological study, editing of texts, coordination of external collaborators.


Athens Printmaking Art Center, Athens
“1/1”, Tabya Gallery, Thessaloniki.
Balkan Art Gallery, Xanthi.
Municipal Gallery of Meligi, Dodoni.


“Community Auction I”, The Breeder Gallery, Athens
08/2019 – 9/2019
10th Sculpture Symposium, Museum of Contemporary Art “Theodoros Papagiannis”, Ioannina. Assistant of the sculpture Altin Paceli.
“Inspire Project 2018”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki.
“Exposition des peintures de SKETVE”, Galerie Desmos, Paris.
“Trasmutation”, 3rd Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair, Thessaloniki.
“REM Brand-Name”, Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.
06/2018 – 07/2018
“Opsis”, Poseidon Art Gallery, Limnos.
“WEDO”, Platforms Project, Independent Art Fair, Athens.
“From Darkness to Light”, Art Appel Gallery, Athens.
“S.K.E.T.B.E”, Art Gallery of the Society for Macedonian Studies, Thessaloniki.
“Poster”, Museum of Typography, Chania.
“Surprise 6”, annual exhibition of artAZ, Athens.
“21 artists from Saronikos”, Πες Πολύτροπον contemporary art, Athens.
16th International Conference of the Hellenic Educational Society, “The school in democracy, the democracy in school”, University of Thessaly, Volos.
Poster Presentation
7th National Autism Conference, “From diversity to disorder”, Hellenic Scientific Network for ASD, Athens.
Roundtable Speaker
Annual Conference of Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) and Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA), "Imagine Tomorrow: Practitioner Learning for the Future", University of Osijek, Split.
09/2015 – 02/2016
Study Grant
Scholarship of the European Commission and the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), “Studying abroad” Erasmus +, 6 months study period in the University Paris 8.
07/2017 – 09/2017
Internship Grant
Scholarship of the European Social Fund (ESF), 2 months internship in the studio of the professor - photographer K. Ignatiadis
10/2019 – 12/2019
Educational Program
“Education for Teachers and Trainers Working in Adult Education and Training” Center of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (ΚΕΔΙΒΙΜ), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
03/2019 – 05/2019
Educational program of screen printing, ArtNoise gallery, Thessaloniki.
Educational Program
Educational program of screen printing, ArtNoise gallery, Thessaloniki.2nd Summer University “Greek Language and Mass Media: Promotion of Cultural and Educational Activities”, Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Ioannina and Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University.
  • Greek: Native language
  • English: Proficient user (C2)
  • French: Proficient user (C1)
  • Spanish: Independent user (B1)
  • Greek Sign Language: Independent user (Level 2)